Even Her?

Have you ever looked into the ancestry of your family? If so, what did you find out about your long lost relatives? Well imagine looking through your family history and finding this description of your ancestor: ” A prostitute, who harbored enemies of the government in her house. And when confronted by the police, she lied about it.” What would you do about her? Would you hide her story from anyone that inquired about this particular family member? Or would you praise her as one of the family legends?

Well, meet Rahab. If what we read in Joshua 2 about her were all that we knew, some might lump her with all of the other bad examples in the Bible. But her story didn’t stop there. Matthew 1: 5-6 reveals that she was King David’s great-great grandmother, and she is also in the lineage of of our Savior,Jesus.

And there is more. In Hebrews 11:31, it says that Rahab was a woman of faith who was saved from the fall of Jericho(Joshua 6:17). And, her works of rescue were given as evidence of her righteous faith.

You see…..God’s love is amazing that way. He can take people with a seemingly bad reputation, transform their lives, and turn them into examples of His love and forgiveness. There is NO one too bad to be forgiven.

YES, this includes you too. If you believe that you’re too bad to be forgiven, or if you know someone who feels that way, read about Rahab and rejoice. If God can turn her into a beacon of righteousness, there is hope for ALL of us.

Was not Rahab the harlot also justified? James 2:25

Whether our sin is great or small. Its all the same to Jesus. And He is willing to forgive them all! And still use you and I to fulfil His plan ….here on earth.


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