Great Calm!

Don’t wait til the battle is over, go ahead and “shout now!”    Yes!  Rejoice, God knows the way, and He’s going before you!

Before we experience a breakthrough there’s usually a shake-up. Chuck Jaeger, the World War II hero who broke the sound barrier, fractured his ribs in a horse riding accident the day before he hopped into the cockpit and attempted to do what had never been done with a plane before. His friends said, “You’re in too much pain. Don’t do it.” His fears told him, “Nobody’s ever done it before. You won’t either.”

At 700 miles an hour the plane began to shake violently. Then suddenly he broke through into what he described as a “great calm.”

That’s how it is when we’re about to experience a breakthrough. When everything around us starts to shake and our fear level skyrockets, we’re not about to crash and burn, we’re on the threshold of a breakthrough!



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