Time to Move! Restoration

We have read time and time again about King David and Bathsheba. Bathsheba is more than likely disgraced in the community. And probably would like to tell David that he could just stay on his side of the palace, and that she never wanted to lay eyes on him again. Perhaps she even did. Scripture does not record Bathsheba’s journey of healing as it does David’s, but there is sound evidence that she did, indeed,make the trip.

Who would think that a relationship with such a sin-drenched foundation could even survive, much less prosper. God demonstrated His grace in the sanctification of a relationship that had once brought the condemnation of death. This is not a “healed but always deficient” relationship, but a “healed and holy household,” a union that brought forth Solomon, a child regarded by both sacred and secular authority as one of the wisest men ever born.

He succeeded his father as King, and his name appears in the direct bloodline of Christ in the New Testament genealogies.The restored, healed, sanctified marriage of David and Bathsheba bears both God’s hand and His blessing. It is purely poetic that the same prophet chosen to bring God’s condemnation of sin was also chosen to deliver God’s blessing on the fruits of this healed, holy relationship.

The LORD sent word through Nathan that He had a special name for this special child: Jedidiah — which means “beloved of God.” It is important to note that the healing and reconstruction of this relationship did not happen immediately. Based on historical accounts and comparative scriptural studies, it is apparent that several years passed between the death of the first son and the birth of Solomon. It is also apparent that, although David had many wives, Bathsheba became his favorite.

A marriage built on the healing grace of God always produces very special, intimate, bonded relationships. God never brings us condemnation without offering us grace and healing. This is a recurring theme throughout the Bible — God wants to have an intimate relationship with each of us, and goes out of His way to invite us into that relationship. The whole point of Nathan’s charge against David was not to punish him,but to restore him. I pose the question…Are you ready for a fresh start? Our lives can be healed, restored, and rebuilt, just like David’s was. We all know from experience that it will not be an easy journey, but it will be the most worthwhile venture of our entire lifetime.

Like David, you will have to be honest with God, and with others, and yourselves. Stop trying to hide your sin behind cheap excuses. Be willing to deal with and accept the consequences of your sin. Totally surrender yourselves to God. Allow Jesus to forgive your sin.Having accepted His free gift of salvation, let Him start the process of rebuilding your lives on His firm, eternal foundation.God is not only willing to help you rebuild, He wants you whole even more than you do! Why hesitate? If you find yourselves in this situation, its time for healing! Its your call!


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