Shhhh! Just let it Go….

I had two siblings growing up and you can just imagine the teasing and picking on each other that went on all the time. When I reached my ultimate frustration I would typically cry out for a reprieve from my parents. “He’s teasing me,” “He won’t give my toy back,” “He’s being mean to me.” I wanted the people with the most clout – mom and dad – to be on my side.

I didn’t always get the reprieve I was looking for. Sometimes I got the dreaded words I despised the most: “It takes two to fight.” Oh boy. I did NOT want to hear that. I fumed and would typically pout and cry some more. As a little kid I didn’t even understand what that meant except that it meant I wasn’t going to get any sympathy.

Now that I think about it I understand that I could have avoided a lot of the problems, I probably should have cried less. I realize now it made my oldest brother, pick even more… I contributed to the various quarrel sessions at times, teasing marathons and meanness bouts that often erupted. There is no way to perpetuate a fight when no one is taking the bait; it just dies.  Therefore, I have learned a valuable lesson.  Attempt at all cost to “just let it go.”

The Bible says; “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

I may not be a child anymore but as an adult  I still have plenty of chances to “turn away wrath.” Family members (and however the enemy presents himself to us…. especially when we open our mouthes and share our ” hot buttons.”)  usually have a pretty good idea what each other’s buttons are and just how to push them for “maximum” effect. What if we take a new tactic and don’t respond or respond with a gentle answer? Remember “It takes two to fight.” Don’t be one of them. Shhh!


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