Temporary Thirst…

Thirst! I am sure most of us have experienced a time when we feel as though we will die without a drink of water. Jesus is the water of “life”, he that believes on Him will never thirst again. Why is that true? It is true because Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within the hearts of believers.

If we quench the Holy Spirit, it will always lead to a “temporary thirst” again, but He is still there. We are never removed from God, as Christians. Sin may quench the Spirit, but when that sin is confessed and forsaken, the fountains of Christ will again burst forth.

When I consider the plan of God, I am speechless! I cannot comprehend a God who would do so much for me. Someone who is so undeserving as I am. God sent His Son to die for all of us who have no righteousness of our own, and then, He then fills us with the Spirit of God, so that He is always with us, “guiding and protecting” us from the ever-present “tactics” of the enemy.

Jesus’ message is always the same–He, as the perfect Son of God and Son of Man, provides the only hope for a restored communication with God of All Gods. Christ, our King, ever reigns at the right-hand of God continually making intercession for us.

Go to the rivers of living water today. Drink, so that you will never thirst again! Go ahead, its OK to gulp!  


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