Claim It!

“Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you, just as I spoke to Moses.” Joshua 1:3

Even though that was a promise to Joshua and the Israelites as they entered Canaan, it is worth pondering for ourselves. Ask yourself the question: Where do the soles of my feet tread?

We all have somewhere that we walk into every day. We have home turf and a neighborhood around our homes. What about our church; where we shop; that golf course we play; the companies we do business with? Our soles treading on lots of territory every week.

Does it belong to us? Yes, It is where we have been placed by divine appointment. We should use every appointment as an opportunity to build the Kingdom of God. We are His witnesses.

We aren’t just meandering around in life, aimlessly wandering with no purpose or direction. We are to claim territory for the Kingdom of God. In fact, isn’t that exactly why the Lord has placed us there? How do we execute this plan for our lives.

Be concious everywhere we go and know that we are in fact an Ambassador for Christ. So, act like one. With faith, speak blessings over all that is under our influence and control.

Claim it! And have a Great walk about!


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