The “impossible…

The “impossible” for us is God’s specialty.


Love and Faith

In that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.  Matthew 26:12

Jesus was in Bethany toward the tail end of his ministry.  While there He had a meal in the house of Simon the leper.  During the meal, Mary, sister of Lazarus, took a jar of precious ointment and poured it on Jesus’ head and feet.  When the disciples saw that the ointment was expensive, they literally became upset.  Nah!  They became irate.

They wanted to know why she had not sold the ointment and given the profits to the poor.  Well, to the dismay of the disciples, instead of rebuking the woman, Jesus applauded her for having the foresight to anoint His body for burial in advance.

There is no question that the disciples took the Lord’s approaching death seriously. However, Mary of Bethany took it very seriously.  She believed that when Jesus said something, He meant it!  He was soon going to die in Jerusalem, and this was the only clear opportunity to honor Him by anointing His body for burial. 

We too must recognize special opportunities that are ever present to honor and serve our Lord.  No, we may not have the opportunity to anoint the body of Jesus for burial, but there are many opportunities present, such as visiting the sick, giving to the poor, encouraging someone, or even something as simple as being a listening ear. 

Her true motivation can be seen in the tremendous praise that the Lord heaped upon her.  With this said, enduring greatness is found only in a life sacrificed wholly in love for Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, I’m sure that most of us have been criticized for doing something good.  Yes, we know that there will always be the jealous and the critical, but remember this…do good anyway! Why? Because our Savior Jesus Christ, gets the glory.








As a youngster, I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth.  However, as I’ve matured I have to admit that I’ve developed a tinsy winsy liking for sugary treats from time to time.  Of all the candies I love, Snickers is near the top of the list.  Life is pretty good when I have one of those delicious chocolate bars in hand.

There are a lot of good things in life.  But even with a feast of Snickers, the goodness is soon over.  Even the best of the good things can afterward leave us feeling empty and even regretful.  So when the psalmist declares, “I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord, apart from You I have no good thing” as written in Psalm 162:2, I am a tad bit intrigued.  Why, you ask? We all know that God is good.  But when was the last time we embraced Him as the ultimate good in our life?

It is also declared by the Psalmist, that “He is our preserver, our total goodness-giver, our counsel and instruction, and the One who makes known “the path of life and fills us with joy in His presence .”  Now that is what we should call good!   (Psalm 16: 1, 2, 7, 11)

Even though I enjoy a Snickers bar from time to time. Nothing in it will satisfy me completely.  God alone is truly good.  So why settle for anything less, when we can have the best.