Stand Up

In today’s world taking a stand for what we believe is right can be a lonely road to travel.  There are many openings, but very few apply.  Many of us sit quietly, oftentimes in ear shot or eye view and witness so many mean and cruel things that are done on a daily basis.  We listen to and participate in gossip, we record with our cell phones acts of violence toward others, and turn a blind eye to the needy all around us.  Just to name a few.  Concluding that it could get messy after all,  if we become involved.  Yet deep inside, our consciences are pricked, and we hear that still small voice of God whispering His desires for us to stand up, say something, do something. 

The choice is always ours.  Will we spew idle talk about doing the right thing, without any support of our actions?  Or will we take a stand, proving the depth of our convictions?  Assisting those who may be just as alone and lonely, as you taking a stand on their behalf.

Yes, though taking a stand is often unpopular, it is the mark of true integrity.


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