Proverbs 31

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day of celebration and remembrance of the vessels used by God to birth little people into the world. And even if not a birth mother, women who chose the role to be used mightily of God, to nurture and care for the needs of others around them.

In scripture there was a woman who loved God, who worked her fingers to the bone, who took care of her family, and the poor in her community. She was a woman of much prayer, faith and wisdom, who made good use of her time. Doing everything with a smile, dignity, and humility. This womans name wasn’t mentioned, however an account of her life can be found in Proverbs 31.

The women of today are similarly the same in some aspects, and largely different in others. Many women of today have chosen to work outside of the home, which was not common in that era. Yet, the core values of wisdom, faithfulness, dignity, strength, laughter, hardwork, community involvement, and placing God first, still hold true today for most. I would also like to add excellent home manager to the list.

Therefore, in honor of all women whether married or single, working outside the home or not, living or have gone to heaven to be with Jesus. You are celebrated, for being wise stewards of your time and with the resources provided by God to make your homes and communities a place of refuge and blessing for others.


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