Radical Changes

I’m sure many of us have left home, headed for a destination only to find that we must turn around and go back home.  Whether it was to get an item we forgot, turn off something, or in my case to make sure I let the garage door down.

Well, when God interrupts our plans, at first we may squirm and shout like little toddlers.  But when He brings us into full view of His plans, we are awed into reverence and changed from deep inside.  Not one person who has ever been in His presence has remained the same.  The moment we find ourselves face to face with the Divine purpose of God for our lives, we also find that it leaves us changed for good. Isn’t it Good News, to know that God allows and welcomes U-turns, and is continually nudging us in the right direction. 

 Whatever your path today, welcome those change encounters (people, places, and things) that appear radical in nature, they will fulfill the purposes of God in our lives.  One thing is certain, God’s purposed destination is a sure destination.


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