Tongue Tied

Why is it for way too many talking about our Christian faith so hard to do? Its easy to talk about the latest fashion, cell phone technology, or favorite sport, but when the topic of Jesus surfaces, the tongue becomes tied.

I know for myself years ago, I didn’t want to appear pushy and would remain silent. Yet some have expressed fear sets in that they may be ridiculed for their beliefs, or that they might sound politically incorrect, narrow-minded, or they just don’t want to upset the other person.

Well, if this is you, think of our faith this way: Suppose that after much research you found a cure for sickle-cell. You knew it saved lives, so you tell everyone you meet about it. Talking about the cure became your mission in life.

Lets not forget, a life apart from Jesus is a dire thing. And the key to eternal life with Him. Spread the Good News. Those who accept it will thank you one day, whether here or in Heaven.

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15


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