Enjoy His Presence

What is prayer?

Well, sometimes its a calming place of silence where we can find hope for a renewed mind and life. At other times we wrestle, and struggle for an opportunity to tell God what we’ve done wrong, and seek His forgiveness. And it is in that forgiveness, we find freedom and a reason for celebration.

We thank Him for all that He’s done for us, and all that He’s yet to do in our lives. Prayer can also be a very intimate time where the Lord whispers His love for us, and in return we tell Him how much we adore Him.

Many of us have designated prayer times, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, these blessings are not limited to a particular time during the day. We can talk with Him throughout the day in an ongoing conversation. Simply thanking Him, confessing, worshipping, and simply enjoying His presence.

Prayer isn’t a secret formula that we use to get what we want in life. It shouldn’t be based on how we feel, how long we pray, how loud, or by using any particular or “correct” words. When we communicate with our Father, we pray in faith, simply and sincerely, knowing that we are experiencing a powerful moment between us and our Father.

There is nothing any better than having a strong connection with God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy His Presence

  1. I like to pray as I lay in bed for the night. Oftentimes, I would fall asleep and then feel guilty about it. Until a friend commented that she loves to fall asleep thinking about God and knowing that the Father is holding us close!

    1. Debbie M. There is nothing better than to know that our Father is on our mind, as we drift off to sleep. Sweet sleep!

      Not to mention it keeps the door open for Him to further speak to us, knowing that He has our full attention.

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