Our Motivation

What is our motivation for offering praise and worship to the LORD?

Too many, sadly believe that Godward actions; prayer, singing, worship, and reading scripture are all safety devices to prevent a zapping. Well, when we think of God that way, we definitely have the wrong motives for any God-directed action. In laymans terms it means: The only reason for offering prayer and worship is primarily for personal gain or approval. And if we are all honest, we have all “been-there-done-that”.

Our worship of the Lord shouldn’t be done in order that we can somehow benefit. Instead, every thought or action should be done out of honor for Him and His greatness alone. “I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving.” Psalm 116:17.

Yes, we benefit when we turn our attention to God, but that shouldn’t be our motivation. It’s not for us that we worship God, its always for Him. Besides we don’t worship God to gain any benefits.

Why? Because we already have them.


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