God Keeps His Promises

The Lord’s promises never go unfulfilled. However, we must keep the faith when everything appears contradictory to the promises for our lives.

Two very promising examples of promise were Elisabeth and her cousin Mary who never doubted the words of Gabriel, God’s messenger. One woman was barren in her old age, and the other was a young virgin. Both did the impossible because that was what God wanted of them, and they kept the faith in spite of the impossibilities in the natural.

The births of John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ were out of the ordinary from the beginning; and so were the women who gave them birth. The same applies to us. We may not know just how God will use our lives, yet we must keep the faith in His promises, and always be ready to do His will, no matter how impossible it seems at the time.

One thing is certain when God says it, believe it. Because “God Keeps His promises”!


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