Letter To The World

When we read God’s Word, we must  keep in mind , it’s to  us and about us.

Letters come in all forms.  Some are written in emails with e-card attachments.  Some are covered with X’s and O’s.  Others are Love letters composed with such heartfelt emotion that they are read over and over until the paper has worn thin and the words are barely legible.  They touch the heart and warm the soul.

Well, the Bible is God’s love letter to the world.  But even more importantly, it’s a personal message to us as Christians.

The words may remain the same for everyone, but God’s relationship with each of us is different.  How He communicates through those words, and what they will mean in relation to our personal life, will differ.  Cherish God’s love letter to you, and read it over and over until you know the words by heart.  It’s more than just a book,  it’s a love letter, that should be treasured.

The Lord your God is with you…. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.  ZEPHANIAH 3:17


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