While We Sleep

From time to time while sleeping, I like most of us have Dreams.  Some of the dreams are sort of weird, and can most likely be attributed to things I’ve seen during my day, or something I have eaten…. but shortly after getting up for the day, I quickly forget what I ever dreamed .

But then there are those dreams that are so vivid and that have so many intricate details.  With those dreams I remember every little detail, color, and smell. Because every aspect of that dream has a meaning.  I call these “Dreams with  purpose.”

Some of our dreams we immediately know the purpose. While others are not so clear. But one thing for sure there IS a purpose… and God wants to get something accomplished through us or someone else.

If you have ever had a dream that is still awaiting fulfillment and you are looking to our great God to bring it to pass. After all, Psalm 138:8 says: “The Lord will accomplish what concerns me.” Nothing is impossible with him.

I have a word for you:  What God initiates, He accomplishes!  In His time!

Remember Joseph.  Joseph had a big dream when he was seventeen( Genesis 37-46) one he had to hold onto until he was thirty. It would come to pass “despite” all the obstacles, because the dream came from God.

In the end, every detail came to pass. That’s probably why Joseph could forgive his brothers, recognizing that God used every obstacle to his benefit in fulfilling his divine destiny.

We shouldn’t worry about whether dreams are impossible or not.  When GOD is the author of the dream, it will come to pass.  In His way; and in His time.


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