The River

I am a river flowing from God’s sea 
Through devious ways. He mapped my course for me; 
I cannot change it; mine alone the toil 
To keep the waters free from grime and soil. 
The winding river ends where it began; 
And when my life has compassed its brief span 
I must return to that mysterious source. 
So let me gather daily on my course 
The perfume from the blossoms as I pass, 
Balm from the pines, and healing from the grass, 
And carry down my current as I go 
Not common stones but precious gems to show; 
And tears (the holy water from sad eyes) 
Back to God’s sea, from which all rivers rise 
Let me convey, not blood from wounded hearts, 
Nor poison which the upas tree imparts. 
When over flowery vales I leap with joy, 
Let me not devastate them, nor destroy, 
But rather leave them fairer to the sight; 
Mine be the lot to comfort and delight. 
And if down awful chasms I needs must leap 
Let me not murmur at my lot, but sweep 
On bravely to the end without one fear, 
Knowing that He who planned my ways stands near. 
Love sent me forth, to Love I go again, 
For Love is all, and over all. Amen.

       – Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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