God’s Faithfulness To Me- Bob Gotti

Any faithfulness, which I display, in my service day to day, 
Is not solely what I inspire, but, from a source much higher; 
It comes from my Lord God, leading me with staff and rod, 
And His Guidance, I must seek, for my flesh is oh so weak. 

It’s my Lord working through me, in ways that I’d never see, 
As God works out all His Ways, through me, in all my days; 
Leaning upon my fleshly will, His ways, alone I cannot fulfill, 
But, it’s God guiding me friend, in all my life, at every bend. 

His faithfulness, I don’t deserve, as it is God, whom I serve, 
Being saved from a life of sin, He leads by His Spirit within, 
In many ways that I never knew, and all praise to Him is due, 
As all God’s faithfulness to me, helps me to be, all I can be. 

God cannot be unfaithful friend; His faithfulness has no end, 
While He cannot deny Himself, He fills me with untold wealth, 
God’s Divine Wealth in my heart, as His Spirit will not depart, 
Abiding with me, every place, He fills me with amazing grace. 

God’s Faithfulness gives to us, all who come to Christ Jesus, 
That blessed and abundant life, while we live for Jesus Christ; 
His Faithfulness has just begun, as we start to serve His Son, 
As His Faithfulness to you and me, extends well into Eternity. 

(Copyright ©06/2010)

Bob Gotti


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