Gears and Gifts


My first bike as a child had one gear, and that was whatever speed my little legs could peddle. The next had three gears: one for level ground, one for uphill, and one for going downhill. The last bike that I had was a ten speed. It allowed me when necessary to maneuver according to the terrain.

I never used all of the gears for every trip out. Some were used for the initial start, some for climbing, gaining speed, and then those just for cruising.

Ok…enough about gears. Let me make my point in relation to our personal lives, gears, and gifts.

Even though I had a choice in the gears needed for my intended journey, that didn’t mean that I would use them all for every trip. The same is true in regard to our abilities and spiritual gifts.

During times when we feel that we are not being used to do certain things that we once did, instead of feeling useless and unappreciated we should instead thank God for the “gear” we are currently coasting in and able to use.

Just because a skill isn’t needed in the current conditions, doesn’t mean it is no longer necessary and won’t be used again. Our spiritual gifts are needed at different times and for different purposes. Needs and circumstances change frequently like the terrains while riding a bike.

The apostle Paul reminded Titus, to “Be ready for every good work.”
(Titus 3:1) This definitely holds true for you and I as well.

Needs and circumstances change frequently and in unforseeable ways.
We just need to keep our tools ready! They will definitely get used in God’s timing and for His divine purpose.



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