Hope this made you all smile.  Have a great weekend Tea Friends!

Blessings, Melissa


Living and Dying

Living for Christ, I die;–how strange, that I, 
Thus dying, live,–and yet, thus living, die! 
Living for Christ, I die;-yet wondrous thought, 
In that same death a deathless life is wrought;– 
Living, I die to Earth, to self, to sin;– 
Oh, blessed death, in which such life I win! 

Dying for Christ, I live!–death cannot be 
A terror, then, to one from death set free’ 
Living for Christ, rich blessings I attain, 
Yet, dying for Him, mine is greater gain 
Life for my Lord, is death to sin and strife, 
Yet death for Him is everlas’ing life! 

Dying for Christ, I live!–and yet, not I, 
But He lives in me, who did for me die. 
I die to live,–He lives to die no more, 
Who, in His death my own death-sentence bore 
“To live is Christ,” if Christ within me reign, 
To die more blessed, since “to die is gain!”

       – Mrs. J. C. Yule

Begin The Day

Begin each morning with a talk to God, 
And ask for your divine inheritance 
Of usefulness, contentment, and success. 
Resign all fear, all doubt, and all despair. 
The stars doubt not, and they are undismayed, 
Though whirled through space for countless centuries, 
And told not why or wherefore:    and the sea 
With everlasting ebb and flow obeys, 
And leaves the purpose with the unseen Cause. 
The star sheds radiance on a million worlds, 
The sea is prodigal with waves, and yet 
No lustre from the star is lost, and not 
One drop is missing from the ocean tides. 
Oh! brother to the star and sea, know all 
God’s opulence is held in trust for those 
Who wait serenely and who work in faith.

       – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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Let It Flow


I was reflecting on what a privilege it is for us to be able to come humbly, yet boldly before Jesus.

Seeking that He empower us, to do all that He desires in our lives, and that His favor rest upon us as we walk in His wisdom.

Knowing that as His blessings flow in and through us, that we can be extensions of His hands, feet, and living(testimonies) witnesses to bless others, as we share how we have been blessed by His unyielding offer of grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Yes, His majesty, splendor, sovereignty, and glory are wonders to behold. Which is why He alone is worthy of our praise.

A life of honor and praise is truly due Him. Let it flow!

“Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever!” 2 Peter 3:18


Do you wish the world were better? 
     Let me tell you what to do: 
Set a watch upon your actions, 
     Keep them always straight and true; 
Rid your mind of selfish motives; 
     Let your thoughts be clean and high. 
You can make a little Eden 
     Of the sphere you occupy. 

Do you wish the world were wiser? 
     Well, suppose you make a start, 
By accumulating wisdom 
     In the scrapbook of your heart: 
Do not waste one page on folly; 
     Live to learn, and learn to live. 
If you want to give men knowledge 
     You must get it, ere you give. 

Do you wish the world were happy? 
     Then remember day by day 
Just to scatter seeds of kindness 
     As you pass along the way; 
For the pleasures of the many 
     May be ofttimes traced to one, 
As the hand that plants an acorn 
     Shelters armies from the sun.

       – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We Worship You

Jesus, we want to worship you! We praise Your holy name and ask that you would bless us as we worship You in spirit and truth.

You are worthy and wonderful, Lord. Thank You for all that You are and for everything that is done on our behalf. We praise You and bless You, Lord.

“God is spirit, and his worshipers  must worship in spirit and truth.”  John 4:24