Need A Good Shushing?

Have you ever seen a child fall on the sidewalk and bust open a knee? The face is stunned for half a second and then the pain breaks through. The voice catches up immediately and the screaming erupts and then the eyes flit about looking for mom or dad. The little one runs straight to the one who can make it all better.

If you watch closely you see that it takes a few moments to shush and pat and comfort and hold until the crying settles down to a whimper. Eventually all is well and the child runs back to play.

That’s the way it is for us when we run to God after life gives us a good jolt. Something happens and it takes a moment for its impact to sink in. A bad diagnosis – a death – a fire – cruel rejection – financial reversals? Suddenly the pain is intense and we need help. Hopefully we DO run to God, our wonderful Father with the big and comforting lap.

When we get there, here is what happens:  (Zephaniah 3:17) It is a picture of his tenderness toward us. Though we may still have to do something about our painful circumstances it will be easier when his love has quieted us and his singing soothed us.

If you need a good shushing his arms and lap are open.
-Barbara Lardanais


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