Profession of Faith

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised). Hebrews 10:23

As I was sitting earlier, the lyrics to a beautiful old spiritual came to mind. “I know it was the blood. I know it was the blood. I know it was the blood for me.”

What a beautiful thought, just knowing that it was the blood of Jesus, that washed away our sin. Leaving us promises to enjoy in faith, until He comes back again to claim us, and take us to be with Him. It requires patience to live in faith to wait on His promises.

Most of us would probably admit that sometimes our patience runs thin. At times we wonder why Jesus doesn’t respond to us in ways that we can see and understand. Why there is so much evil and suffering in this world that discourage both the faithful and the unfaithful? No, we don’t understand why these things must be, but He does.

Thank goodness it isn’t our understanding that is necessary to complete His plan. Jesus, understands everything. All that is required from us is faith in everything that He allows. Therefore, while we wait, lets wait without wavering. His faithfulness is perfect, and His “will” will be done.


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