The shepherd Christ from heav’n arriv’d, 
My flesh and spirit feeds; 
I shall not therefore be depriv’d 
Of all my nature needs. 

As slop’d against the glist’ning beam 
The velvet verdure swells, 
He keeps, and leads me by the stream 
Where consolation dwells. 

My soul He shall from sin restore, 
And her free pow’rs awake, 
In paths of heav’nly truth to soar, 
For love and mercy’s sake. 

Yea, tho’ I walk death’s gloomy vale, 
The dread I shall disdain; 
For Thou art with me, lest I fail, 
To check me and sustain. 

Thou shalt my plenteous board appoint 
Before the braving foe; 
Thine oil and wine my head anoint, 
And make my goblet flow. 

But great still Thy love and grace 
Shall all my life attend; 
And in Thine hallow’d dwelling place 
My knees shall ever bend.

       – Christopher Smart


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