Thank God For Little Children

Thank God for little children, 
     Bright flowers by earth’s wayside, 
The dancing, joyous lifeboats 
     Upon life’s stormy tide. 

Thank God for little children; 
     When our skies are cold and gray, 
They come as sunshine to our hearts, 
     And charm our cares away. 

I almost think the angels, 
     Who tend life’s garden fair, 
Drop down the sweet wild blossoms 
     That bloom around us here. 

It seems a breath of heaven 
     Round many a cradle lies, 
And every little baby 
     Brings a message from the skies. 

Dear mothers, guard these jewels. 
     As sacred offerings meet, 
A wealth of household treasures 
     To lay at Jesus’ feet.

       – Frances E. W. Harper


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