Drip Drop

The integrity of the upright shall guide them. Proverbs 11:3 Amplified


Most of us over the last month have seen lots of snow and ice. This winter was quite brutal in many parts of the United States.

Well, during our last winter weather event, I had the opportunity to actually watch as an icicle formed on the porch of my neighbor’s home.

I watched as the dripping water froze, one drop at a time, until the icicle was seemingly a foot long or more.

As long as the water was clean, the icicle remained clear and sparkled brightly in the sun; but when the water became slightly dirty, the icicle began to look cloudy, spoiling its appearance.

Our character is formed in similarly the same way. Each thought or feeling adds to our layer of influence. Each decision we make; about matters both great and small play a big role.

Every outside influence that we take into our mind and soul, whether impressions, experiences, visual images, or words that come from others; all help in building our character. We begin this character building process very early in life, absorbing everything that makes us into the adults that we eventually become.

Which is why it is important that once we become aware of how these “droplets” affect us, that we should take steps to guard ourselves from negative influence as much as possible.

Just as habits born of hate, falsehood, and evil intent mar and can if allowed eventually destroy us, acts that develop habits of love, truth and goodness also silently mold and fashion us into the very image of Jesus Christ.

When we build a clear, sparkling character, the light reflected through us can and will pierce the darkness that surrounds us.


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