I saw how the patient Sun 
    Hasted untiringly 
The self-same old race to run; 
    Never aspiringly 
Seeking some other road 
    Through the blue heaven 
Than the one path which God 
    Long since had given;– 
        And I said;–“Patient Sun, 
        Teach me my race to run, 
        Even as thine is done, 
            Steadfastly ever; 
        Weakly, impatiently 
            Wandering never!” 


I saw how the patient Earth 
    Sat uncomplainingly, 
While, in his boisterous mirth, 
    Winter disdainingly 
Mocked at her steadfast trust, 
    That, from its icy chain, 
Spring her imprisoned dust 
    Soon would release again;– 
        And I said;–“Patient Earth, 
        Biding thy hour of dearth, 
        Waiting the voice of mirth 
            Soon to re-waken, 
        Teach me like thee to trust, 
            Steadfast, unshaken!” 


I saw how the patient Stream 
    Hasted unceasingly, 
Mindless of shade or gleam, 
    Onward increasingly,– 
Widening, deepening 
    Its rocky bed ever, 
That it might thus take in 
    River by river;– 
        And I said,–“Patient Stream, 
        Hasting through shade and gleam, 
        Careless of noontide beam, 
            Loitering never, 
        So teach thou me to press 
            Onward forever!” 


I saw how the Holiest One 
    Sat in the Heaven, 
Watching each earth-born son 
    Sin-tossed and driven,– 
Watching war’s mad’ning strife– 
    Brother ‘gainst brother, 
Reckless of love and life, 
    Slaying each other;– 
        And I said;–“Patient One, 
        On thy exalted throne, 
        Never impatient grown 
            With our dark sinning, 
        Though all its depth thou’st known 
            From the beginning– 


“Though thy fair Earth has been 
    Blood-dyed for ages, 
Though in her valleys green, 
    Carnage still rages, 
Thou, o’er whose brow serene, 
    Calmest and Holiest! 
Angel has never seen, 
    E’en toward Earth’s lowliest, 
        Shadows impatient sweep 
        Teach me, like thee, to keep 
        In my soul, still and deep, 
            Wavering never, 
        Patience–a steady light, 
            Burning forever!”

       – Mrs. J. C. Yule


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