Sinai and Calvary

There are two mountains hallowed 
    By majesty sublime, 
Which rear their crests unconquered 
    Above the floods of Time. 
Uncounted generations 
    Have gazed on them with awe,– 
The mountain of the Gospel, 
    The mountain of the Law. 

From Sinai’s cloud of darkness 
    The vivid lightnings play; 
They serve the God of vengeance, 
    The Lord who shall repay. 
Each fault must bring its penance, 
    Each sin the avenging blade, 
For God upholds in justice 
    The laws that He hath made. 

But Calvary stands to ransom 
    The earth from utter loss, 
In shade than light more glorious, 
    The shadow of the Cross. 
To heal a sick world’s trouble, 
    To soothe its woe and pain, 
On Calvary’s sacred summit 
    The Paschal Lamb was slain. 

The boundless might of Heaven 
    Its law in mercy furled, 
As once the bow of promise 
    O’erarched a drowning world. 
The Law said, As you keep me, 
    It shall be done to you; 
But Calvary prays, Forgive them; 
    They know not what they do. 

Almighty God! direct us 
    To keep Thy perfect Law! 
O blessed Saviour, help us 
    Nearer to Thee to draw! 
Let Sinai’s thunders aid us 
    To guard our feet from sin; 
And Calvary’s light inspire us 
    The love of God to win.

       – John Hay


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