Who Can Despise Someone For Whom Christ Died

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones–Mat 18:10
      But the greatest power of all has still to be named. It is the life and death of our Saviour Jesus Christ. No man can struggle to be true to that ideal, nor feel the love that brought Him to the cross, without the contemptuous spirit we are all so prone to, taking to itself wings and flying away.

I ask you to trace the story of that life, and tell me if you find a trace of despising there.

The fact is, Christ was despised for not despising: the Jew could never understand His charity. Did He despise the woman of Samaria though all her village held her in contempt? Did He despise the publican, the harlot? Did He ever look with disdain on the little children? Christ saw the worst as you have never seen it–felt all the loathsomeness and guilt of sin–yet for the worst all things were yet possible; there was some chord still capable of music.

The sorriest sinner was good enough to live for. The sorriest sinner was good enough to die for. A man may be poor, unsuccessful, vulgar, very dull; but if he can say “Christ Jesus died for me,” I do not think I shall despise that man again.

George H. Morrison


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