silenceSilence, like solitude, is an underrated treasure in this often hectic world in which we live. We spend our days filled with endless activity and can often get overwhelmed with noise at every turn.  Many of us talk when the best choice might be to just listen.

We wear headphones at our desk, televisions play constantly in our homes, and our phones ring literally off the hook. Yes, the sound of noise is everywhere. But what if we could stop to hear the melodic sounds of chirping birds, pause to feel the gentle breeze on our cheek, or watch rain as it falls to the ground.

Just for a moment pause and ask yourself when was the last time you sat down quietly and simply listened to the sweet sound of silence?

Been that long huh?

Many of us drown out the voice of God with endless activity and noise.  I recall my great-grandmother would just sit, making it a point to spend time in silence.  Whether on her porch, or in the living room sitting quietly in her chair. I knew this was her special time, and made it a point to stay quiet.

I too have found that it quiets the spirit, and allows the opportunity to hear what Father God is saying to me.

Too busy for a whole day?  Then simply take a moment.  Look out your window, take the headphones off and simply listen for His voice. You might be surprised at what He has been trying to tell you.

To everything there  is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.  Ecclesiastes 3:1,7


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