Joy In Serving Jesus


There’s a joy in serving Jesus 
Everyday every hour is filled with wondrous power Seek his face,
touch His hands He is the Rose of Sharon. 
What a glorious garden
He has sown for us. 
Smell the sweet fragrance of Jesus. 
As I walk as I work, I’m never alone, 
Always, yes, always sending answers from the throne. 
My first love is Jesus, my saving faith in Him 
Always remembering He died for my sins. 
He died on the cross head hanging down, eyes streaming tears, 
“Father, I’m coming home.” 
The tears are mine now, tears of joy, serving my Jesus 
He’s my melody my song, teaching your word, all the day long. 
My spirit renewed fresh oil every day. 
My glorious God, you will have your way 
You will not have to come after me, I’m here to stay 
A bond servant for you, till that glorious day! 
The old me is gone! Yesterday is no more. 
Do you remember me, Father? Praise God there is no score. 
Thrown into the sea of forgetfulness, every sin no remembrance 
A born again child of God. A new creation. 
I will press on for tomorrow, and with it hope and joy 
For the love of my Jesus, my Jesus my joy!

by Peg Horan


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