Let Us Pray

Bow the head in supplication, 
    Lowly, penitent, sincere, 
Worthiest of adoration, 
    God, the Holy One is here!– 
Here, while through the open casement 
    Gently beams the rising day, 
While, in contrite self abasement, 
    Rev’rently we kneel and pray! 

Let us pray!–we’re weak and weary, 
    Faint of heart and slow of limb, 
Over mountains dark and dreary 
    Lies our pathway–narrow, dim, 
Thorn beset and demon-haunted, 
    Steep and slipp’ry is the way, 
Would we tread it all undaunted, 
    Firm of footstep?–let us pray! 

Let us pray!–on every spirit, 
    Secret, solemn records lie, 
Of transgression and demerit, 
    On’y seen by God’s pure eye,– 
Secret sins, desires unholy, 
    Thoughts impure that once held sway,– 
Oh, in penitence most lowly, 
    Deeply contrite, let us pray! 

Let us pray!–we need forgiveness,– 
    Strength and patience to endure,– 
For our arduous labors fitness,– 
    Spirits consecrate and pure, 
Shelter need when storms are round us,– 
    Bread of Heavenly life each day,– 
Help when hidden snares surround us,– 
    Guidance always–let us pray!

       – Mrs. J. C. Yule


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