The Father’s Service

“Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him.” Rom. 6:8

The requirements or conditions attached to the invitation to share with Christ the coming glories and dignities, are plainly stated: Such must share His death, be immersed or buried into His death….To be sharers in His death means that as our Redeemer spent His life, not in self gratification (even lawful), but consumed it in the interest of truth and righteousness, in opposing sin and doing the work and executing the plan of the Father, so we must use our time, talents, energies, rights, and privileges.

Redeemed by Him and given to us, we not only consecrate these all to the Father’s service, but we must use them faithfully even unto death–as He has set us the example–walking in His footsteps as nearly as possible.

If thus we be dead with Jesus Christ, we shall in due time live with Him



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