Blind Faith

Is there really such a thing as blind faith?62-12

I would say that we use “blind faith” to refer to those times when we “step out”and believe something without any reason why we should in the natural, but we “know that we know” that we have received a word to “act.”

For instance, Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac because God told him to even though it didn’t make sense. Elijah believed fire would erupt on his woodpile when he called it down from heaven even though he had drenched it with water.Each of these men trusted the greatness and power of God and simply believed that God’s promises are true. So when God said to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham trusted that God knew what he was doing and his job was to simply obey.

The “true” life of faith means we truly know our God. It means we can hear his voice and dismiss other voices. It means we understand God’s character and promises. If that is the case we may be called to do grand things like Bible heroes of the past. However that won’t only be blind faith. Instead, that will be faith in God…..with our eyes wide open.


Rich Heart Poor Coat


 “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you” John 16:23

Two men go to the bank cashier, both holding in their hands a piece of paper. One is dressed in expensive style, and presents a gloved and jeweled hand; the other is a rough, unwashed workman.

The first is rejected with a polite sentence, and the second receives a thousand dollars over the counter. What is the difference? The one presented a worthless name; the other handed in a note endorsed by the president of the bank. And so the most virtuous moralist will be turned away from the gates of mercy, and the vilest sinner welcomed in if he presents the name of Jesus.

What shall we give to infinite purity and righteousness? Jesus! No other gift is worthy for God to receive. And He has given Him to us for this very end, to give back as our substitute and satisfaction.

And He has “testified” of this gift what He has of no other, namely, that in Him He is well pleased and all who receive Him “are accepted in the Beloved.” Shall we accept the testimony that God is satisfied with His Son? Shall we be satisfied with Him?

A.B. Simpson

Lets Imagine

What do most of us expect from God?

Health, wealth, a happy and secure life?  The true love of a significant other?  OK, lets try for something even bigger and better than all of that: expect Him to use us in such a powerful way that we can’t even imagine or envision it right now.  That’s  pretty significant to trust God for the unimaginable.

Now, what great things do we plan to attempt for God?imagine

That might be easier.  Maybe we plan to share the Gospel with our friends or maybe a short-term mission trip.  We may even be called to full-time missions work, pastoral ministry, or prayer/intercession ministry just to name a few.  Whatever it is we’re planning, we must merge our goals with those expectations we have of God.

Remember, He has already promised that we can do greater works than our Savior Jesus did when He was on earth.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to Father.” John 14:12 NASB

Don’t just expect great things from God.  Attempt great things for God!  May we all surrender and allow God to bring the unimaginable to pass in our lives.

A Beautiful Exchange


The cry of the Cross

Through bloodshed and pain

God’s mercy triumphant My wretchedness exchanged.

Rivers of God’s grace Cleansing my soul

Freed from condemnation Creating me whole

All my sin and guilt Cast upon the tree

Absolutely dealt with Provision made for me.

God wrath wholly satisfied At the final heartbeat

Total acceptance The sacrifice complete.

Through the blood of Jesus My righteousness proclaimed

Torrential outpouring My liberty now claimed

My Heart now beats with passion Ancient days now strange

A glorious new beginning In this Beautiful Exchange.

Alan Stevens

The Gracious Provider

“They need not go away!” the Master said,
“Give ye to them.” Ah, Lord, behold our store–
These loaves, these fishes,–see, we have no more!
How shall this fainting throng with these be fed?
“Make them sit down!”–and the disciples sped
To do His will. He blessed, and brake, and gave
And as they ate, each heart grew strong and brave,
Filled, till they craved no more, with hallowed bread.
Thus, when our hearts grow faint, and stores are small,
And thou demandest all that we possess,
O, help us, Lord, to bring that little all,
Knowing shouldst thou the gift accept and bless,
Our worthless store, so changed and glorified,
Ourselves shall feed, and fainting throngs beside.       – Mrs. J. C. Yule

GOD of The Empty Tomb

In moments of life’s emptiness,

Discouragement, and dismal gloom,

My spirit rises up to thank

The God of the Empty Tomb!

When darkness was at its deepest

As Jesus hung on Calvary tree,

He obeyed His Father’s Great Will

He willingly died for me.

The Power men had neglected

Revealed His Holy Presence clear

In darkness, the earth heaved and shook,

As scoffers ran off in fear.

Yet, the Light of this bleeding Christ

Beamed across Death’s dismal world

The Sacrificial Lamb lived again

As Eternal Life unfurled!

Jesus endured suff’ring and death

His Divine Mission completed.

How precious that through years of time,

His Redemption is repeated.

His Love out-lasts all other loves!

His Holy Light dispels Death’s gloom!

He is now and ever shall be Lord God of the Empty Tomb!

~Warrior for Christ