Why Ineed?

Every morning we offer up

Our prayers to God, then plead

It seems a day will never pass

That a heart is not in need.lamb

“When” life becomes a burden

Wondering “if” it will ever end

And “why” must sorrow come

For God surely is our friend.

The morning remains the same

When over and over we pray

Sometimes feeling so tired

How many prayers must one say?

Then quite suddenly He answers!

Your face warms with a smile

But life can breed discontent

Peace lasts for only awhile.

He knows each and every thought

Groans with our heavy sigh

Time may pass so slowly, but

God sees the tears we cry.

The prayer we think unanswered

A promise He will never deny

For His grace is sufficient

Do not labor over the why.

God will answer the prayer

Then supply your every need

Even as we burden His heart

With the why, why indeed?

by Kathleen Higham


*photo courtesy of : clker.com



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