Heavenly Father

I’ve sought the universe to find you;
Delved into scriptures from east to west,
Only to discover,
Within my heart resides your nest.

You’re the flame deep within me;
A flame you keep alight; untitled
Throughout the day, throughout the night,
A flame that sustains me through life.

The world has made me believe;
You’re far away in the heavens,
Yet you are right here, right here within me;
Right here around me.

You’re the heart that pulses through the universe;
And brings everything to life,
A heart that beat long before creation,
Thank you father for giving me this life.

As scientists still unravel the mysteries;
The universe continues to unfold;
Overwhelmed by their ingenious studies,
Shaken by your brilliance.

For in my many discoveries;
I’ve come to understand what’s true,
There are those who study the heart of science,
Though science was created by you!

For every minute creation,
Created with a purpose, inscribed in detail;
How brilliant can you be,
Nobody compares to thee.

Apart from your brilliance,
It’s your love for me;
A love like an unwavering candle in the wind,
That touches my heart the most.

They say in life nothing is perfect;
But you most certainly are,
My protector, my strength, my peace of mind,
You’re the reason I’ve come thus far.

Let my faith in you be the lamp at my feet;
That lights up my path to you,
For faith is my trust in you;
Belief is my assurance of knowing all that you can do.

To take a bow or salute you;
Uncertain what’s fitting to you,
You’re my heavenly father, King of Kings,
Perhaps your majesty will do.

Anashree Narainsamy


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