Legend of St. Valentine

The legend says St. Valentine

Was in a prison cell …
Thinking of his little flock
He had always loved so well.

And wanting to assure them untitled.png
Of his friendship and his love …
He picked a bunch of violets
And sent them by a dove.

And on the violets’ leaves
He pierced these lines divine …
That simply said, “I Love You,”
And “I’m your Valentine!”

So through the years that followed
From that day unto this …
Folks still send messages of love
And seal them with a kiss.

Because a Saint in prison
Reached through prison bars one day,
And picked a bunch of violets
And sent them out to say …

That faith and love can triumph
No matter where you are
For faith and love are greater
Than the strongest prison bar.

Helen Steiner Rice


Image: dayforvalentine



2 thoughts on “Legend of St. Valentine

  1. I actually celebrate St. Valentine’s Day because of the Saint, not the Hallmark part. 😛 Same as St. Patrick’s Day, and other lesser known saint days. Saint Nicholas too! The “Santa” we know today is based on him (who is depicted in mosaics and paintings as a dark skinned skinny/frail man no less! the complete opposite of the image today!).

    Lovely poem. ❤

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