These Humble Words


My Lord and Savior, hear my heart -a heart that can’t ignore,

Your love that chased me all my life and proved to be much more…sunflower

Much more than rain drops from above that fall from all around,

collecting in the ponds and lakes and oceans that abound.

Much more than luscious meadows, green where horses romp and

play much more than cool, clear bubbling brooks where little ponies lay.

Much more than all the honey found from bees that roam the hive,

much more than flowers from the plant with petals bright, alive!

Much more than colors on the trees in autumn’s many hue,

of golden yellow, red and orange -much more than rainbows too.

Much more than all the mountain peaks that touch vast skies of blue

much more than questions I have asked in prayers I’ve sent to You.

Much more than countless blessings from Your miracles galore.

Much more than all my faithfulness. But yet, You send me more.

Much more love that I waste on such silly, selfish stuff.

Yet still, You send me greater love. I can’t love You enough.

Now may these humble words be passed to everyone You touch,

so they, too, will have hearts to say, “I love You very much.”

Louis Gander


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