Come Come Come


Come, come, come

Well, ok then, I say

When He whispers wisdom

The now becomes today.

I cannot know the future

But in the now I see

All the places I have been

Yet still He calls to me.

Come, come, come

Just lay it down now

So simple to surrender, but

Not understanding the how.

How? Do not burden this

Come, come, come and see

Now is the time my child

Know this, “I set you free.

“Come, come, come

My weary heart will sigh

Life is racing frantically

But will not pass me by.

The now may be exhausting

And the how stuns the mind

But when you come, come

My peace you will find.

Come, come, come

Before you came to be

From the first gasping breath

You belonged to Me.


“Come to Me all of you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28



by Higham


photos: and livingpalindrome


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