Guiding Our Steps

When my children were learning to walk, they would cling to my fingers because they were still unsteady on their feet.  They were afraid of slipping, yet I was there ready to steady them and watch over them.


As they walked with my help, I can remember the sparkle of thankfulness, happiness, and security that was in their eyes.  However, there were moments when they wanted to explore and would try to walk toward the edge of the yard, near the street, a definite off limits zone.  Me of course always watching, tell them No! Come back this way.  Explaining to them the dangers of playing near the street, with fast moving cars.imagesU22RDQLA.jpg

Like children, we often need someone to watch over us too.  To guide and steady us in our spiritual walk.  And we have that someone, God our Father.  He helps His children learn to walk, guides our steps, holds our hand, and directs us in the way that we should go.

In Psalm 18(scripture link below),  King David knew all about the need for God’s watchful care in his life.  He describes how God gives us strength and guidance when we are lost or confused.  He keeps our feet steady, like the feet of the deer that climb some pretty high places without ever slipping.

With God, even if we do slip or go in the wrong direction(and we will from time to time), His hand is right there to catch us and get us back on the right path.  And it doesn’t matter whether we are new believers just learning to walk in the faith, or we are further along in our walk.

Our loving Father, is right there with His guiding, steadying hand leading us safely home.  As His children, He will never leave our side.


Psalm 18: 31-36 NASB

photo(s) courtesy of: Google







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