After Suffering comes…

Scripture Text: John 16: 17-33  Hebrews 12:2

As we approach  and prepare for the most glorious day of Easter.  Many will be decorating Easter eggs, baskets, and buying new dresses and suits.  Yes, this is most definitely a time to celebrate our Savior. For He has done great and marvelous things for us!

Yet, with all of the preparations, I am reminded of why we celebrate.  The awful pain that Jesus endured for us on that hill at Golgotha, and the pain that we as followers oftentimes endure too.

Just before Jesus went to the cross, He told His followers they were about to go through a time of great pain and sorrow.  The Lord compared their coming experience to that of a woman during childbirth when her anguish turns to joy after her child is born. michael journal

With me giving birth to beautiful children myself, I can most assuredly relate to the pain that accompanies natural childbirth and the joy that follows.

With that in mind, we can all expect that sorrow will come to us all along the road of life.   Jesus endured the cross for us, and in return those who open their hearts to Him, receive forgiveness, redemption and freedom.

His grueling sacrifice accomplished God’s eternal purpose of opening the way to fellowship and friendship with Him, that could not have been obtained any other way. The joy of our Savior outweighed His suffering, just as the joy He gives to us overshadows our pain. No, when we are going thru the pain, we don’t see the joys being produced in and through us.

So as we prepare for this most holy day, may we be mindful that the pain that our Savior endured and the pain that we at times will endure too, won’t last always.

Joy returns after the process, and the sun will shine again!







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