Love’s Creation

Sometimes we often talk about
All things that God has made.untitled
But something is baffling me,
And that I must not evade.

It’s all ’bout love’s creation,
When was it first born?
I’ve not found a single word
Explaining how it was formed.

Maybe it happened when God
Spread out the skies above
Placing each and every star
In the moonlit heav’ns, above?

Could it have happened from
Adam’s unification with Eve,
When they were told to multiply
And children were conceived?

Or maybe it happened when
Salvation had its part
When we accepted Christ
Into our unbelieving heart.

Perhaps it could’ve been
When God saved Noah and his kin
Or even when Lot was spared,
Maybe it happened then.

Or could it have began
When God preferred Abel to Cain?
Possibly, it was when he said
He’d ne’er flood the world again.

My mind cannot contemplate
Just where love was found
I only know within my heart
Is where it grows and abounds!

Maybe love was given at birth
Or came from a simple embryo
Where was its first beginning
I guess I’ll never know.

Maybe it happened one day
While I was fast asleep
When angels came and whispered,
A sweet love song at my feet.

Surely there must have been
An important place and time
For God’s creation of love
For it must be born sometime.

If there was a designated place
Where love had come to be
I’d take children by the hand
And say, come with me and see.

I’d show them the very place
Where love got its first start.
I’d give the gift from heaven
From God’s own precious heart.

Then maybe they’d embrace love
And never want to walk away
From the love that was created
In their longing hearts that day.

For some people search forever
But love cannot e’er be found
Tho’ they search hither and yon’
Love does not make a sound.

Someone please help me give
The gift of love’s creation.
Speak to them right now!
They need an explanation!

Help them find the precise
Moment and the time.
So love can find its way
Into their heart sometime!

By Patricia Joan Polhans


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