Amazing Love

How is it that the blind could see
That the lame could walk
That the deaf could hear
And the mute talk

How is it that the sea obeyed
And that the nets were filled
How could the prophets know
That The Son was destined to be killed

How is it that the wise men came
To praise the newborn King
How on earth were shepherds picked
To hear the angels sing

How is it that King David
Could write about the cross
Knowing that Messiah’s sacrifice
Would signal Satan’s loss

How is it that the leper
Could see his hands made clean
How could it have happened
And what could it mean

How could His chosen people
Turn upon The Son
And let a ruthless killer free
As they scourged The Holy One

How did the water turn to wine
And how was the stone rolled away
How could He speak so assuredly
Of how He’d rise that day

How is it that the veil was torn
And that a virgin bore a Son
How amazing that He’d die for us
So our victory could be won

How is it that Lazarus rose
And that He walked upon the sea
How could He forgive the tormentors
As He hung upon the tree

How is it that Bethlehem was chosen
That His birthplace was foretold
That John The Baptist spoke of Him
In words so sharp and bold

How is it that His disciples fled
On that fateful night
Only to die a martyr’s death
Convinced that He was right

How is it that we go on living
As if His words weren’t true
How amazing that He still awaits
Sinners like me and you.


Mike Hall


5 thoughts on “Amazing Love

    1. I agree that this is in fact a profound writing. Yet,I cannot take any credit, for said writing. I shared because it spoke volumes to my spirit likewise.

      Thanks for stopping by, the Tea Among Friends room. Peace and Blessings!

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