Call To Me

God is eager to communicate with us, His children.
For example, in Jeremiah 33:3, The Lord’s words spoken there to Jeremiah extend to us also: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things.”
What we need to do is to get ready to hear Him. Hearing from God is a learning process that takes time, but is available to everyone who desires it. We don’t have to have reached some high level of maturity spiritually. We don’t have to have it all together, with all the struggles of our lives under control. He is available to us just as we are. It is also important that we allow ourselves the freedom to listen expectantly for Him.untitled.png
During the ministry of Jesus, He took time alone with His Father and told the disciples to do the same. We also need a quiet place(war room) free from distraction. Once there, listen only to the conviction of Holy Spirit(Tone is gentle, loving, imploring and acceptance, Specific, Encouraging, Releases us from the past, Attracts, Draws into fellowship, and Truthful) and not the condemnation of the devil( Tone is accusing, nagging, mocking, causes fear and confusion. Vague, Discouraging, Bringing up the past, Rejection, Isolation and Negative ). images
Their languages are completely opposite.
Our Father, actively pursues a relationship with you and I. He delights in us, and desires to bring restoration to the painful places in our lives. He is our refuge from fear and anxiety. He holds out His strength when we are weak, and longs to mourn with us when we are broken.
Listen to Him. He is our ever present help, and is our guide every step of the way!
Photos: Courtesy of Google

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