God Sent

God so loved this world of which I’m much a part,
He knows all that’s in and all that is in my heart.
His Son came to it so that all in it can be saved,kristamcgeebooks
Then as He enters into a heart, the sin debt is paid.

If the world had this love it wouldn’t possess hate,
Then no one would be left behind at heaven’s gate.
As Christ came, few recognized the love God sent,
Sadly today, those serving Him are a small percent.

It is the love God intended His world to share,
Till sin brought hate, causing problems and despair.
Hindering those with love in witnessing to the lost,
Yet they continue no matter what may be their cost.

Jesus died for sinners of which I’m very much a part,
He erased my sins and now I am on that saved chart.
Made possible only by God sending to us His Son,
As He becomes our Savior, then new life is begun.

Robert Hedrick


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