In Sight

God can take the worst of humanity and make them fishers of men,imagesP2KE3Y1U
Yes, the very same ones that we’ve belittled, time and time again.
Some have been robbers and thieves and hopeless beyond our doubt,
But God sees them differently, as He reaches down to lift them out.

God sees things in people, that to us, are completely out of sight, For He knows just what they can do once Jesus becomes their Light.
imagesIPX3NONQTheir potential may only need this special attention to bring it out,
For man to serve with his best, first God needs to remove all doubt.

God sees the good in a person that we have labeled a hopeless case,
For He looks into their heart, when all that we’ll see is the face.
We are not at all good at judging, therefore we are told to judge not,
Because we miss so many of those true qualities that a person’s got.

God’s loving eyes don’t see the raged clothes a person’s wearing,
Instead He sees saved souls coming from the truths they’re sharing.imagesZQ4EHOTD
If we’ll put more love in our sight, I believe we’ll see more clearly,
Just remember, that we’re always in God’s sight and He loves us dearly.

Robert Hedrick


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