Clear Direction


Sometimes in life we may feel unsure
Of what God would have us do
What is His will for our lives right now
When faced with two paths to choose?images9M6FGFUA.jpg


We need to come before the Lord
When we have to make a choice;
We need to have ears that will hear
The Lord’s still, quiet voice


For God will gladly show the way
And open the doors to go through,
With clear direction from our Lord,
He’ll show us what we should do


For He longs for us to know His will
And know the plans for our lives,
So we’ll accomplish the work of the Lord
As His Spirit in us daily guides


For He will walk with us each day
And help us with each decision
As our hearts are open to the Lord,
He’ll impart to us His wisdom


We just need to ask of the Lord
For the direction that we need,
He will answer and speak to our hearts
As we trust in His name and believe.

M.S. Lowndes



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