Pointing To Jesus

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:351-3_tipstohelp2

 You’re sitting in your car, stuck in traffic on a freeway or busy thoroughfare.  Looking around, you notice an exceptionally bright billboard standing high above the traffic on the side of the road.  You look away for a moment and then look back–and the sign is showing a different advertisement!

Increasingly common these days, you’ve just seen one of the new digital billboards.  Its like a computer or television screen in your home, or a Jumbotron screen at a sports stadium–changing images instantly using bright, electronic displays.

“Capturing eyeballs”….its the new standard in advertising, especially on the Internet.  Capture a person’s attention and your chances of educating them and making a sale increase.  Signs are important in more than just advertising.

Jesus said there was one primary “sign” by which the world will know that people are His followers: the way we love one another.  Sometimes a simple act of love will be a sign to others that there is something different about a person.  And a conversation about Christ may follow.

Look for an opportunity today to be a sign that points to Jesus….by demonstrating His love to others.


David Jeremiah


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