Christ, All In All

IN Christ all fullness dwells: from Him proceeds
All that fall’n man, poor, wretched, guilty, needs.
In Him the contrite, bruised in spirit, find
Whate’er can heal the sorrows of the mind— images97Y7JUIG
Forgiving love, that saves from blank despair,
Rich grace, that banishes each anxious care,
Soft pity, that relieves the bursting sigh,
And truth, revealing joys that never die.
Thrice happy they, who to His word attend,
His favor seek, and on His strength depend.
‘Tis theirs to know His heart-consoling voice,
To share His smile, and in His name rejoice.
To them, reclaimed in mercy from the fall
And heav’nward marching, Christ is all in all:
In want, their treasure—in distress, their stay—
In gloom, their day-spring—vigor, in decay—
‘Mid foes, their guard—in solitude, their guest—
In storms, their hiding place—in toils, their rest—
In bonds, their freedom—their relief, in pain—
In life, their glory—and in all things, gain.



Amen, Amen

Beneath the pressure of life’s cares today,
I joy in these;

But I can say
That I would rather walk this rugged way,
If Him it please.

I cannot feel
That all is well when dark’ning clouds conceal
The shining sun;
But then I know
God lives and loves; and say, since it is so,
“Thy will be done.”

I cannot speak
In happy tones; the tear-drops on my cheek
Show I am sad;
But I can speak
Of grace to suffer with submission meek,
Until made glad.

I do not see
Why God should e’en permit some things to be,
When He is love;
But I can see,
Though often dimly, through the mystery,
His hand above.

I may not try
To keep the hot tears back; but hush that sigh,
“It might have been;”
And try to still
Each rising murmur, and to God’s sweet will


She Hath Done What She Could

THE Feast was spread at Simon’s house, and as
they sat at meat,
A woman came and silent stood within the open
door— jar1
Close pressed against her throbbing heart an alabaster
Of purest spikenard, costly, rare, she held. With modest fear,
She dreaded to attract the curious gaze of those
And yet her well-beloved Friend was there, her
Master, Lord.
With wondrous intuition she divined that this might
Her last, her only opportunity to show her love;
She thought of all that He had done for her, the
holy hours
She spent enraptured at His feet, unmindful of all
If only she might hear those words of Truth, those
words of Life.
She thought of that dark hour when Lazarus lay
within the tomb
And how He turned her night to day, her weeping
into joy.
Her fair face flushed, with deepening gratitude her
pure eyes shone;
With swift, light step she crossed the crowded room.
She bravely met
Those questioning eyes (for Love will find its way
through paths where lions
Fear to tread); with trembling hands she broke the
seal and poured
The precious contents of the box upon her Savior’s
And all the house was filled with fragrance wonderful
and sweet.
She could not speak, her heart’s devotion was too
deep, her tears
Fell softly, while she took her chiefest ornament, her
And silken hair and wiped His sacred feet,—when
A rude voice broke the golden silence with, “What
waste! this might
Have sold for much, to feed the poor!” She lower
bent her head—
To her it seemed so mean a gift for love so great to
Again a voice re-echoed through the room, her
blessed Lord’s,
(He half arose and gently laid His hand upon her
And how it thrilled her fainting heart to hear Him
sweetly say,
“Rebuke her not, for she hath wrought a good work,
what she could;
Aforehand, to anoint Me for my burying, she hath
and this her deed of love throughout the ages shall
be told!”


How oft since first I read the story of this saint of old,
My own poor heart hath burned with fervent, longing,
deep desire,
That I might thus have ministered unto my Lord and
“The chiefest of ten thousand, altogether lovely One.”
And now, to learn—oh! precious thought, ’tis not
too late, I still
May pour Love’s priceless ointment on “the members”
of His Feet!
Dear Lord, I pray, oh! help me break with sacrificial
The seal of Self, and pour the pent-up odors of my
Upon Thy “Feet!” Oh! Let me spend my days and
nights in toil,
That I, perchance, may save from needless wandering,
and help
To keep them in the narrow way that leads to light
and life.
Oh! let me lay within their trembling hands a rose of
A lily’s pure and holy inspiration on their breast!
Dear Master, let me kneel with them in dark
Oh! help me boldly stand and meekly bear the scoffs
and jeers
Of cruel, mocking tongues! Oh! may I count no
cost, e’en life
Itself, too great to serve, to bless, to comfort Thy
dear “Feet,”
And when the last drop of my heart’s devotion hath
been shed,
Oh, may I hear Thy sweet voice say, “She hath done
what she could!”

Daily Heavenly Manna

Reassurance and Love

Being human with weaknesses, at times when so much is going on around us, we forget all of the many promises from Father God, to us His children. One thing is certain, He remains honorable and full of compassion, even when we are weak and concerned, at that which we are challenged with in our lives.

God’s Word stands forever, as does the redemption of His people through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Out of His great mercy, He always provides for those who love Him and follow His ways.images8S10G4FS

God’s reassurance, provision, and love is readily available even in the midst of lack, turmoil and fear. He always protects and saves those who love Him, and will keep us safe. Be encouraged today!

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Isaiah 40:29

Balmy Morning



Balmy morning! blessed morning!
Dew-drops bright
All the emerald glade adorning
In thy light–klp
In thy golden glowing beam
With an ever-changeful gleam
Flashing sparkling deeply glowing
Varying tints of beauty showing
Radiant are
In thy welcome light!Balmy morning! blessed morning!
Flowers look up,
With a precious, pearly off’ring,
In each cup–
Dewy off’ring gleaned by night,
As a tribute to the light,–
Far more precious than the gem
Of a monarch’s diadem,
Is the gift
Which they lift
To thy welcome light!Balmy morning! blessed morning!
Sounds of mirth,
From the vocal vales ascending,
Hail thy birth.
Happy birds in echoing bowers,
Waken all their tuneful powers,
And spontaneous music springs
From all animated things,–
Verdant hills,
Tuneful rills,
Joyful greet thy light!

Balmy morning! blessed morning!
How serene,
In thy calm and cloudless dawning
Smiles the scene!
Even man, by care oppressed,
Feels thy gladness thrill his breast,
Hails thee as a source of bliss,
Precious in a world like this,
Blessing thee–
Welcome, morning light!

– Mrs. J. C. Yule


LORD, Here I Bring Myself

LORD, here I bring myself,
‘Tis all I have to give,man-praising-cropped
My heart’s desire is wholly this,
Henceforth for Thee to live;

To own no will but Thine,
To suffer loss or shame,
All things to bear, if only I
May glorify Thy name;

Henceforth mine every power
Each day for thee to use,
My hands, my feet, my lips, mine all,bigstock-worship-234208
As Thou, my Lord, shalt choose.

Dear Lord, my constant prayer
Is for increase of grace,
That I by faith may walk with Thee,
Till I behold Thy face.


Have Faith In God

WHEN the stormy winds are blowing,
And the angry billows roll,imagesFZXKTSIX
When the mighty waves of trouble
Surge around thy stricken soul,
Have faith in God,
Who reigns above;
Yea, trust in Him,
For He is love.

When the way is rough and thorny,
Danger all along the path,
When the foe is ever planning
How to crush thee in his wrath,
Have faith in God;
His loving care
Shall keep thee safe
From every snare.

When thine eyes are dim with weeping,
And thy heart is full of woe
For the loved that now are sleeping
In the silent grave so low,
Have faith in God;
The dead shall rise
And meet the Savior
From the skies.

Art thou filled with eager longing
For the night to pass away?
Art thou weary of the watching
For the dawning of the day?
Have faith in God;
He is our stay;
Soon, soon will come
The perfect day.

Art thou hoping, waiting, praying,
For the presence of the Lord?
Art thou waiting for the Kingdom,
And the glorious reward?
Have faith in God;
Our King is here,
And soon His glory will appear.