Lead Me

LORD Almighty, how happy are those who trust in you!  Psalm 84: 12 GNB 


I DO not ask, dear Lord, that life may be
A pleasant road;
I do not ask that Thou wouldst take from me
Aught of its load;imagesjh8wv2cs
I do not ask that flowers should always spring
Beneath my feet;
I know too well the poison and the sting
Of things too sweet.
For one thing only, Lord, dear Lord, I plead:
Lead me aright,
Tho’ strength should falter, and tho’ heart should
Through peace to light.

I do not ask, dear Lord, that Thou shouldst shed
Full radiance here;
Give but a ray of peace, that I may tread
Without a fear;
I do not ask my cross to understand,
My way to see;
Better, in darkness, just to feel Thy hand,
And follow Thee.
Joy is like restless day, but peace Divine
Like quiet night;
Lead me, O Lord, till perfect day shall shine,
Through peace to light.

Help Yourself To Happiness

Everybody, everywhereimages9zhoyofy
seeks happiness, it’s true,
But finding it and keeping it
seem difficult to do.
Difficult because we think
that happiness is found
Only in the places where
wealth and fame abound.
And so we go on searching
in palaces of pleasure
Seeking recognition
and monetary treasure,
Unaware that happiness
is just a state of mind
Within the reach of everyone
who takes time to be kind.
For in making others happy
we will be happy, too.
For the happiness you give away
returns to shine on you.

Helen Steiner Rice


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

The ONE Loaf

1 COR. 10:17.

THE twilight hour, when all the world doth dream,
I stand amid
The ripening grain, the ripples, like the bosom of
a lakeimages
Beneath the evening breeze. I pluck, and idly hold
My hand, one golden ear, the while in swift succession
Strange visions of the olden time: I see a threshing-
The wheat by wooden flail bereft of chaff and shining
The scene is changed: I see a woman grinding at
a mill,—
Between the upper and the nether stones the grain is
Until no semblance of its former state remains, but
Is merged into one common whole,—a coarse and
homely meal.
Another picture,—mixed with water and with salt
a loaf,
Or flattened cake, is formed and laid upon the glow-
ing coals.

And as I gaze my thoughts are lifted to a higher
I see “the members of His body,” like the golden
Denuded of their glittering robes of earthly pride and
The upper and the nether stones of life’s vicissitudes
Are slowly, surely, grinding rich and poor, the high,
the low,
Into one common-union,—heart and mind, and zeal
and love;jk
With purifying salt, life-giving water of the Word,
The mass is being drawn and held and moulded in
“one loaf.”

Ah, then, beloved, when we drink of that memorial
And eat the symbol of His flesh, let us partake with
Nor marvel if we need that strange, transforming
power of fire,
Ere we are counted worthy to be like our Lord and
And “broken” that a hungry, fainting, dying world
be fed!

Providences of God

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD–Psa. 27: 14.

Time is an important element in all God’s plans: we are not, therefore, to be imagesTYZ6D74Odisappointed when the test of endurance is applied while the blessings we crave tarry long. God took time to frame the world and to fit it for human habitation; time to give the world its necessary experience with evil; time to prepare for the advent of Christ as the world’s Redeemer; time for the preparation of the Church and the rest of His Gospel-Age people to share in His glorious reign; and time must be allowed for the shaping and adjusting of the individual affairs of His people. God has not forgotten when the answers to our prayers seem to tarry long. He who heeds the sparrow’s fall and numbers the very hairs of our heads is not indifferent to the faintest call or the smallest necessity of His humblest child—
The providences of God on behalf of His people involve many delays to test their patience. Those who endure these tests with courageous hearts will thereby become strong in the Lord. Therefore they wait on the Lord amid all the varying circumstances of life, assured that He who is for them will manifest this in every time of need that comes into their lives.

Daily Heavenly Manna

The Year Before Us


STANDING at the portal of the opening year,
Words of comfort meet us, hushing every fear;
Spoken through the silence by our Father’s voice,
Tender, strong and faithful, making us rejoice.
Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day;
For His Word shall never, never pass away.

“I, the Lord, am with thee, be thou not afraid;
I will help and strengthen, be thou not dismayed.
Yea, I will uphold thee with Mine own right hand;
Thou art called and chosen in My sight to stand.”
Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day;
For His Word shall never, never pass away.

For the years before us, oh, what rich supplies!
For the poor and needy, living streams shall rise;
For the sad and mournful, shall His grace abound;
For the faint and feeble, perfect strength be found.
Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day;
For His Word shall never, never pass away.

He will never fail us, He will not forsake;
His eternal covenant He will never break;
Resting on His promise, what have we to fear?
God is all-sufficient for the coming year.
Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day;
For His Word shall never, never pass away.

Daily Heavenly Manna

Fragrance of God

We are your children, Lord,woman-smelling-flower
Saved by your precious grace
And walking in your victory,
Living by hope and faith

We come before your holy throne
And worship at your feet,
Our souls renewed with new hope,
Our spirits now set free


We yearn to know you more, O God,
More than we do right now
And we long for your presence, Lord,
As before your throne, we bow


May we be as fragrant offerings,man-praising-cropped
An incense of the Lord
That you may take pleasure in us,
A vessel you have called


So you may fill to overflow
With your Holy Spirit of truth,
So we can take your gospel, Lord,
To those who don’t know you


And be to them as Jesus was,imagesjh8wv2cs
To love them all despite
Wherever they have come from, Lord,
For you can change their lives


So they can come before you
And worship you with praise,
To come into your presence, Lord,
And receive your saving grace.

M.S. Lowndes

Saving Grace



Lord, you are so wonderfulimages97Y7JUIG
And deserve our love and praise
I cannot express just how I feel
When I think of your saving grace


To think of what you went through
That day upon the cross
And in the moments leading up to it
When soldiers spat and scoffed


And beat you with no mercy,
Making sport and having fun

You said not a word in your defense
Even though you were God’s son


You bore it all out of your love
For the lost and dying souls,
To give us a hope we can hold on to
For a future yet to unfold


It’s such a beautiful description, Lord,
Of what your grace can do,
For no one’s exempt from your saving grace,
But it’s a gift freely given from you.

M.S. Lowndes

These Humble Words


My Lord and Savior, hear my heart -a heart that can’t ignore,

Your love that chased me all my life and proved to be much more…sunflower

Much more than rain drops from above that fall from all around,

collecting in the ponds and lakes and oceans that abound.

Much more than luscious meadows, green where horses romp and

play much more than cool, clear bubbling brooks where little ponies lay.

Much more than all the honey found from bees that roam the hive,

much more than flowers from the plant with petals bright, alive!

Much more than colors on the trees in autumn’s many hue,

of golden yellow, red and orange -much more than rainbows too.

Much more than all the mountain peaks that touch vast skies of blue

much more than questions I have asked in prayers I’ve sent to You.

Much more than countless blessings from Your miracles galore.

Much more than all my faithfulness. But yet, You send me more.

Much more love that I waste on such silly, selfish stuff.

Yet still, You send me greater love. I can’t love You enough.

Now may these humble words be passed to everyone You touch,

so they, too, will have hearts to say, “I love You very much.”

Louis Gander

The Glory Of The Lord


The Glory of the Lord


Scripture Reading — Luke 2:1-14

We all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory. — 2 Corinthians 3:18

On Christmas day we want everything to be glorious. We hope our family celebrations will be filled with joy and light. We go to worship expecting that the decorations, the music, and the readings will be uplifting. We join our voices with those of the angels, singing, “Glory to God in the highest.” We long to experience what the shepherds did when “the glory of the Lord shone around them.” Could there be a more appropriate way to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

In our hunger for glory, however, we might not notice that the angel points away from the circle of light to a dimly lit stable. The sign given to the shepherds was not the glory that shone when the angel appeared; nor was it the praising of God by the “great company of the heavenly host.” Instead the sign was a child born into the most humble of circumstances, “wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

In his teaching Jesus used a word that means “glory” (doxa) when he instructed us to choose a humble position at a banquet. Jesus explained that when we sincerely humble ourselves, we will be “honored [doxa] in the presence of all” (Luke 14:10). When we follow the example of Jesus and humble ourselves, then the glory of the Lord shines around.


God of light and glory, instill in us the attitude of Jesus, who humbled himself by becoming human, like us, and was honored and exalted, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

Norman Visser

The Wish Of To-Day

I ask not now for gold to gild
With mocking shine a weary frame;
The yearning of the mind is stilled,
I ask not now for Fame.

A rose-cloud, dimly seen above,
Melting in heaven’s blue depths away;
Oh, sweet, fond dream of human Love
For thee I may not pray.

But, bowed in lowliness of mind,
I make my humble wishes known;
I only ask a will resigned,
O Father, to Thine own!

To-day, beneath Thy chastening eye
I crave alone for peace and rest,
Submissive in Thy hand to lie,
And feel that it is best.

A marvel seems the Universe,
A miracle our Life and Death;
A mystery which I cannot pierce,
Around, above, beneath.

In vain I task my aching brain,
In vain the sage’s thought I scan,
I only feel how weak and vain,
How poor and blind, is man.

And now my spirit sighs for home,
And longs for light whereby to see,
And, like a weary child, would come,
O Father, unto Thee!

Though oft, like letters traced on sand,
My weak resolves have passed away,
In mercy lend Thy helping hand
Unto my prayer to-day!

– John Greenleaf Whittier