Our Every Acts of Worship

Everything we do
Is an act of worship
That brings pleasure and delight
When it’s done for God,
It touches His heart
And is our God-given purpose in life


For God created
Everything that exists
For His glory and His pleasure
And we, His children,
Have so much worth,
More valuable than priceless treasure


For worshipping God
Is truly a lifestyle,
Affecting everything we do
It’s not just in singing
Spiritual songs,
But in our everyday happenings too


As we minister to those
We see in need,
Offering to them our service,
And even the mundane,
Everyday things,
To God, they’re acts of worship


We need to be offering
As a dedication
Every area of our lives
As an act of spiritual
Worship to God
And a most holy sacrifice


For God cares so much
About every detail
No matter how great or small,
For God will walk
In our every day life
As we establish Him as Lord.

M.S Lowndes

He That Scattereth Increaseth

IS thy cruse of comfort failing?
Rise and share it with another,
And through all the years of famine
It shall serve thee and thy brother. 12-Grow Love

Love Divine will fill thy storehouse,
Or thy handful still renew
Scanty fare for one will often
Make a royal feast for two.

For the heart grows rich in giving;
All its wealth is living grain;
Seeds which mildew in the garner,
Scattered, fill with gold the plain.
Is thy burden hard and heavy?
Do thy steps drag wearily?
Help to bear thy brother’s burden;
God will bear both it and thee.

Numb and weary on the mountains,
Wouldst thou sleep amid the snow?
Chafe that frozen form beside thee,
And together both shall glow.
Art thou stricken in life’s battle?
Many wounded round thee moan;
Lavish on their wounds thy balsams,
And that balm shall heal thine own.

Is thy heart a well left empty?
None but God its void can fill;
Nothing but a ceaseless Fountain
Can its ceaseless longings still.
Is thy heart a living power?
Self-entwined, its strength sinks low;
It can only live in loving,
And by serving love will grow.


Go, Labor On

Go labor on; spend and be spent,—
Thy joy to do thy Father’s will;
It is the way the Master went;
Should not the servant tread it still?

Go, labor on; ’tis not for naught;
Thine earthly loss is heavenly gain;
Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;

The Master praises—what are men?

Go, labor on; enough, while here,
If He shall praise thee—if He design
Thy willing heart to mark and cheer;
No toil for Him shall be in vain.

Men sit in darkness at thy side,
Without a hope beyond the tomb;
Take up the torch and wave it wide,
The torch that lights the thickest gloom.

Go, labor on; thy hands are weak,
Thy knees are faint, thy soul cast down,
Yet falter not; the prize we seek,
Is near—a Kingdom and a crown!


Lamb of God

Behold the Lamb of God–John 1: 36.

All of the Lord’s servants should call attention to the Lord and not to themselves. Let us each bend our energies to pointing men to the Lamb of God, and not to self-seeking. Modesty is a gem, wherever found, one of the graces of the Spirit, which all of the Lord’s consecrated ones should seek to have largely developed and well polished. And let us remember that following Jesus, in the best sense, means that we walk in His paths, strive to do as nearly as we are able what He would do today, taking our lessons from what He did and said personally, and from the instructions which He has left for us, through the Apostles, respecting the path of fellowship in His sufferings, the path to glory and reward in His Kingdom.  untitled

Christ is the Lamb of God, because as an unblemished One He was chosen on the tenth of Nisan, and put to death on the fourteenth as the Passover for God’s people. Lamblike He submitted to death; and His blood sprinkling the lintels and doorposts of God’s House, stays the hand of the Second Death from injuring us. Of His roasted flesh it is our privilege to partake with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth and with the bitter herbs of persecution, etc., while we stand girded, shod, with staff in hand for our journey to antitypical Canaan.

Parallel passages: Isa. 45: 22; 65: 1, 2; Heb. 12: 2; Gen. 22: 7, 8; Ex. 12: 3; Isa. 53: 7; John 1: 29; Acts 8: 32; 1 Pet. 1: 19; Rev. 5: 6-14; 14: 1, 4; 19: 7-9; 21: 14, 22, 23; 22: 1, 3.

Questions: Have I this week beheld the Lamb of God? How? With what results?

Daily Heavenly Manna


THERE is never a day so dreary,
But God can make it bright;
And unto the soul that trusts Him,
He giveth songs in the night.

There is never a path so hidden,
But God will show us the way,
If we seek for the Spirit’s guidance,
And patiently wait and pray.

There is never a cross so heavy,
But the loving hands are there,
Outstretched in tender compassion,
The burden to help us bear.

There is never a heart that is broken,
But the loving Christ can heal;
For the heart that was pierced on Calvary,
Doth still for His people feel.

There is never a life so darkened,
So hopeless and so unblest,
But may be filled with the light of God,
And enter His promised rest.

There is never a sin nor a sorrow,
There is never a care nor a loss,
But that we may carry to Jesus,
And leave at the foot of the cross.

What more can we ask than He’s promised?
(And we know that His Word cannot fail,)
Our refuge when storms are impending,
Our help when temptations assail.

Our Savior, our Friend and Redeemer,
Our portion on earth and in Heaven;
For He who withheld not His own Son,
Hath with Him all things freely given.

First-Day Thoughts

In calm and cool and silence, once again
I find my old accustomed place among der.png
My brethren, here, perchance, no human tongue
Shall utter words; where never hymn is sung,
Nor deep-toned organ blown, nor censer swung

Nor dim light falling through the pictured pane!
There, syllabled by silence, let me hear
The still small voice which reached the prophets ear;
Read in my heart a still diviner law
Than Israel’s leader on his tables saw!
here let me strive with each besetting sin,
Recall my wandering fancies, and restrain
the sore disquiet of a restless brain;
And, as the path of duty is made plain,
May grace be given that I may walk therein,
Not like the hireling, for his selfish gain,
With backward glanced and reluctant tread,
Making a merit of his coward dread,
But, Cheerful, in the light around me thrown,
Walking as one to pleasant service led;
Doing God’s will as if it were my own,
Yet trusting not in mine, but in His strength alone!

– John Greenleaf Whittier


Perfect Love


He could have sent a prophetgift

A servant, meek and low

To bear the curse of evil

And hatreds cruel blow

He could have sent a king of earth

A pauper or a priest

He had the power to place His worth

Within a mindless beast

He could have sent His angels

Legions to fill the sky

To spare Himself the anguish

Of watching His Son die

He could have, with one uttered word

Declared all man forgiven

He could have, from His visage stirred

The rocks to shout salvation

But He chose to put on flesh

The Sacred Son of Heaven

Became a servant unto men

In form, lowly and human

Upon a cross He gave Himself

A King and Royal Priest

And not one drop of love withheld

As death’s curse was released

He could have sent an army

To face the fiends of hell

But He loved us so completely

That He sent Himself .

-Janet Martin

Joy In Serving Jesus


There’s a joy in serving Jesus 
Everyday every hour is filled with wondrous power Seek his face,
touch His hands He is the Rose of Sharon. 
What a glorious garden
He has sown for us. 
Smell the sweet fragrance of Jesus. 
As I walk as I work, I’m never alone, 
Always, yes, always sending answers from the throne. 
My first love is Jesus, my saving faith in Him 
Always remembering He died for my sins. 
He died on the cross head hanging down, eyes streaming tears, 
“Father, I’m coming home.” 
The tears are mine now, tears of joy, serving my Jesus 
He’s my melody my song, teaching your word, all the day long. 
My spirit renewed fresh oil every day. 
My glorious God, you will have your way 
You will not have to come after me, I’m here to stay 
A bond servant for you, till that glorious day! 
The old me is gone! Yesterday is no more. 
Do you remember me, Father? Praise God there is no score. 
Thrown into the sea of forgetfulness, every sin no remembrance 
A born again child of God. A new creation. 
I will press on for tomorrow, and with it hope and joy 
For the love of my Jesus, my Jesus my joy!

by Peg Horan


The Lord thy God bare thee. Deu 1:31

A safe carriage was that! In His love and in His pity God redeemed them, and bare them, and carried them all the days of old. When the little lad was tired and complained of his head, his father bade a servant carry him to his mother; but God does not hand over His children to His servants, He carries them Himself. When we realize that His everlasting arms are underneath, it is safer riding than any the ingenuity of man can devise; and here we need fear no ill.

“In all the way.” – There are great varieties in the way – sometimes the sleepers are badly laid, and the carriage rocks and jolts; sometimes the gradient is steep, and the progress tedious; sometimes the pilgrim has to go afoot, climbing with difficulty from ridge to ridge; sometimes the route lies through a territory infested with enemies, and haunted by miasma; but we can each rejoice in the fact that the Lord “knoweth the way that I take,” and that all the way, those gentle and unwearied arms bear us up and on.

“All the days.” – Never a day without its cross, its lesson, its discipline, its peril; but never a day that God does not bear us up in His hands, as some mighty river bears up the boat of the missionary explorer. Through wilds, past villages of infuriated savages, over reefs and rocks, the patient river bears the voyager and his goods. Thus does God carry us. The Good Shepherd carries the lambs in His bosom. Why, then, should we dread the future, or quail before the faces of our foes? “The eternal God is thy refuge; and underneath are the everlasting arms.” So strong: so tender! Let yourself go, and trust.

F. B. Meyer

Servants Are Faithful

My servant Moses is faithful: with him will I speak mouth to mouth. Num 12:8

The meekest of. the men was vindicated by God Himself. He held his peace, but his Almighty Friend spoke up for him. It is thus that the meek inherit the earth and rejoice themselves in the abundance of peace. Oh, keep still, ye afflicted and tormented souls, God will not let you be trodden underfoot, if only you commit your cause to Him, and are faithful in all that He has committed to you. “That good thing keep which was committed to you: He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him.”

Notice to what faithfulness leads! The vision of God is not given to great intellectual ability or mental gift; but to those who as servants are faithful in the administration of God’s Household, and the performance of such duties as are entrusted to them by the Great Householder. Such are they that enjoy the face-to-face fellowship, and the mouth-to-mouth speech.

These words about Moses are quoted in Heb. 3., as though it was pleasant to the Holy Spirit to commemorate in all ages the faithfulness of His servants: and there is this further thought added, that the Household is one, and that all dispensations are included in its precincts. “Whose house are we.” It is inspiring to know that we are in the same house with Moses, and may have the same blessing. Are God’s dealings with you in dark speeches, in mysterious and perplexing enigmas? Be patient and faithful in well-doing: He is but testing you, and soon He will say, I have called you not servants, but friends; for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth: but all things I have heard of the Father I have made known unto you.

F.B. Meyer